Sofia Chojniak

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As our lead volunteer, Sofia Chojniak interacts directly with the girls, engaging them in play, validating their interests, and building their self-esteem. Her primary role is to instill confidence and a sense of community within the girls, creating a safe space where they are free to be themselves. 

Sofia recently graduated summa cum laude from The Buckley School and was deeply involved in the school's Diversity and Mental Health Awareness clubs. She will be attending the University of Michigan School of Nursing in the fall with a long-term focus on becoming a pediatric nurse practitioner. She plans to continue working with children in a variety of clinical settings and intends to support organizations that focus on inclusion, acceptance, and skills-building.

In her spare time, Sofia loves to read, travel and attend concerts. She is the proud owner of an adorable beagle, two Siamese cats and two guinea pigs.