Jennifer Kilburn

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After spending the first 20 years living within a 20-mile radius of Boston, Jen followed the siren song to the West Coast and never looked back. Jen has spent the last 20 years in LA as one of the leaders in the Research/Rights&Clearances industry with experience in Research, Operations, Sales, Management, and Production.  For the past 5 years she’s been working as an Archival Producer with Nickerson Research on advertising campaigns for Google, Nike, and Verizon, among others.

 Jen is married to a wonderful man, who wins games shows and works with students as a tutor and a writer for college bowl tournaments.  Most importantly, Jen is the mother to the most amazing 5 year-old girl on the planet.  

Jen is a tiki-phile, traveling to pop Polynesian Palaces around the country, and has built her own tiki bar in her garage.  She practices yoga daily, loves anything Lord-of-the-Rings related, and can’t resist a Vegas weekend.  She’s also a legit Parrothead having seen Jimmy Buffet in multiple states.  

Her favorite thing to do is to, however, is experience the world with her daughter, be it checking out the jellyfish at the aquarium, meeting Princesses at Disneyland, or simply checking out the spinning brushes at the car wash.  

Jen is lucky enough to have a truly amazing network of friendships, but, also having experienced the pain of bullying, Jen is acutely aware of how important finding your tribe is.  Finding Builder Bees felt like kismet for Jen and her daughter.  Jen looks forward to working with the rest of the board and parents to grow the Builder Bees family and follow the friendships that blossom with that growth.